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We keep it neat

The purpose and method

When a master distiller fills a barrel, the whiskey is undiluted. This full-flavored whiskey, called Barrel Proof or Cask Strength, is a pure expression of the distiller’s artistry and skill. Barrel Proof whiskey can be sipped straight or cut to suit the needs of each individual consumer.

At Barrel Proof Apps, we create a similar experience for you, our client. We use your pure idea or product to develop a bespoke application your customers will use and enjoy with ease.

What we're good at

Our team of developers, designers, and product managers is ready to build your app from inception to launch and then further down the successful product roadmap.

Oversight & Agile Methodolgy

User Experience & Design

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What we can do

Creating Applications for you

Mobile Apps

We build intuitive, fast, and attractive mobile applications for iOS, Android, tvOS, or any other platform. We can also help navigate the challenges inherent to the ever-changing modern mobile landscape, ensuring your user’s experience is always a positive one.

Web Apps

Every application we build is responsive and ready to run (and look good doing it) on any size mobile device or desktop screen. Whether you need an app specifically tailored from the ground up, a Content Management Service (CMS), or a store front, we have the experience to deliver a refined, finished project to your user.

Cloud Services

As the devices we use become more and more connected, we make sure that our apps are able to keep up. We build secure, scalable applications ready to work in the cloud, how and where your users expect them to be.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart, connected devices are growing beyond the established mobile environment. Barrel Proof is ready to help you keep pace using an orchestrated approach to integrated lightweight hardware, control systems, sensing devices, beacon infrastructure, and more.

Not sure where to start?

We know taking the first step can be tough, but at Barrel Proof, part of what we do is plan. We can help you define your project scope and requirements, model your business processes and user stories, identify the best technical stack for your needs, and establish a roadmap to your MVP and beyond.

If you’re ready to move forward with a design team and an agile build, Barrel Proof Apps has the tools, experience, and expertise to bring your vision to life.


Sometimes we write about cool new tech!

  • 08.12.2021 by Mark Mooney

    React-PDF/renderer is a powerful, flexible, and approachable library for building a user-generated PDF. Developers familiar with React should be able to quickly create a layout for multiple content types with extremely customizable styling.


  • 12.17.2020 by Sam King

    SwiftUI introduced new features, like the design canvas and “dynamic replacement”. It also enforces a strong declarative syntax to writing native iOS code, which takes away the burden of handling many different lifecycle methods/conformances and allows you to state exactly what the UI is.


  • 04.07.2017 by Andrew Zuercher

    As an end user, I'd put filling out a captcha right up there with doing my taxes as one of the necessary annoyances in life.  But, they are extremely important in today's web apps, or heck even 10 years ago's web apps.  Lets just say they're important at scrubbing bad noise out and leave it at that.  Cool thing is, there is a way to implement captchas invisibly so that you dont even know they are there.


  • 02.17.2016 by Andrew Zuercher

    I had a blast yesterday at Dev Nexus where I gave a talk on Introduction to Javascript.next (ES6).  There is nothing quite like presenting on a subject to really get you to know the topic inside out.  The audience was great and I really enjoy the subject matter.  


  • 02.02.2016 by Andrew Zuercher

    So I cook a bit and I've come to the conclusion that warming up some pre-made pasta sauce someone else made and throwing it over some store bought noodles doesn't really qualify as an "italian chef".  Unfortunately.   That definition is reserved for those that make their sauce and pasta from scratch.  Same thing goes for implementing a productized or enterprise security model, you could go out and leverage someone else's off the shelf security infrastructure and run your apps in their silo and it's simpler that way.  OR you can roll your own security service and be that "italian chef".


  • 11.25.2015 by Andrew Zuercher

    A lot of times I'm asked to build applications that include assets that I really enjoy using Amazons Simple Storage Service (S3) for. It is far less-expensive to use, can be made available in different regions, and it doesn't kill the performance of my application server. Tons of open source utilities exist for it to interoperate with my models in RoR and nodejs for example. Problem is that for vanilla type of deployments, being open is fine, but when the assets have Intellectual Property (IP) associated with them, this needs to be locked down a bit.


  • 11.19.2015 by Andrew Zuercher

    Apple's 4th generation of the Apple TV provides some pretty cool new functions.  A new remote was introduced, heck you can even use Siri to control the navigation now.  But the biggest thing by far is that it's now possible to develop apps for the tv itself and install them through the new "App Store" app shipped with tvOS 9 (Apple's latest operating system for Apple TV).


  • 11.14.2015 by Andrew Zuercher

    Basecamp is an excellent tool for collaborating with a wide range of role players on a project.  Whether a designer, non-technical subject matter expert, or a coder, basecamp can provide a ton of value as a platform for inter-team communication.  


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