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A boutique development agency crafting top-shelf mobile and web applications.
A boutique development agency crafting top-shelf mobile and web applications.
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We create intuitive, fast, and attractive applications. Our builds are responsive and ready to run on any size device or screen. Whether you need a custom app built from the ground up, a CMS, or a storefront, we have the experience to deliver a lean, finished product to your user.
Product Management
Road Mapping
Persona Development
Information Architecture
iOS + Android
Web Apps
Cloud Services & Dev/ops
Our team is experienced and fluent in the current languages and frameworks necessary to build flexible, modern applications.
Listen and Learn
We meet with your team and engrain ourselves into your business. We track your workflows and identify the problem(s) you want to fix. That’s the magic sauce.
Digest and Research
After our initial meetings and armed with our newfound knowledge, we research the competition, look for gaps in the market, and find where your success will lie.
Create and Iterate
We begin the design process once we understand the general direction you want to take. After we create and present a prototype, we'll refine and prioritize project goals. We’ll find what’s working best and then start creating the rest of the necessary designs while simultaneously beginning development. Throughout the process, you receive clickable screens to test and provide feedback.
Build and Test
As the design comps are finalized, we’ll continue development by working through prioritized functionality. You stay in the loop as we report on progress in daily chats, weekly progress meetings, and bi-weekly demos. As new components are built, we continually test for expected functionality.
Review and Repeat
Before your application is deployed, we review all changes and ensure it’s buttoned up and ready to go. After launch, we continue to monitor performance and are on standby for support needs. We know that your application is never fully finished, and we welcome the challenge of making things better, faster, and easier.
Your Intellectual Property Stays Yours
Industrial Ventilation & Chimney
Developed a web app to enable sales representatives to design complex ventilation systems for a major industrial supplier and manufacturer.
Cannabis Testing
Worked closely with client to design and implement a web application to manage IoT things and integrate with external lab testing and order management APIs.
Oil Tank Inspection
Designed and built a first-of-its-kind digital inspection tool for the leading oil container inspectors. Created functionality for drawing and modeling tanks on-site with an offline mobile application supporting bi-directional synchronization.
Podcast Discovery and Management Platform
Designed a cutting-edge podcast app for iOS and Android with advanced ML algorithms for segment identification. Developed a web platform for efficient content management and interaction for podcasters, utilizing AWS for fast access. Committed to creating a seamless, AI-driven, interactive podcasting ecosystem.
Our team of project managers, designers, and developers is ready to take your app from inception to launch and beyond.
Regular & Responsive Deliverables
It takes more than a good dev team to create a great project. Our Scrum Masters and Certified Product Owners ensure every step is responsive and efficient, maximizing output and value.
User Experience & Design
You provide the idea and our design team will bring the artistic touch and expertise. They’ll help your vision become a tangible reality.
Software Development
Our dev team is experienced and versatile. They understand what it takes to deliver an app that will impress you and your user, while creating consistent, maintainable code.
We're going to be an easy team to work with.
We're going to give you our honest recommendations.
We're going to create an excellend product with the newest technology.
That's the brass tacks!
Why Barrel Proof Apps?
When a master distiller fills a barrel, the whiskey is undiluted. This full-flavored whiskey, often called Barrel Proof, is a pure expression of the distiller’s artistry and skill. Barrel Proof whiskey is usually sipped neat to showcase the character of the spirit.
At Barrel Proof Apps, we create a similar experience for you. We use your pure idea to develop a bespoke application your customers will enjoy. Nothing watered down, nothing added.
Who We Are
We prefer a drama-free work environment, so we make sure none comes with us to the jobsite. You can expect a calm and professional team when you’re working with Barrel Proof.
Andrew Zuercher
As a highly experienced tech leader with 29+ years in the field, Andrew uses innovative, cutting-edge technology and best practices to help businesses achieve success. A true expert in his field, Andrew has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University and specialized knowledge in enterprise integration, cloud services, and app development. Between marathon dev sessions, Andrew can be found chasing rainbow trout in mountain streams or bonefish on the flats. He also enjoys fine whisk(e)y, the culinary arts, and giving talks at industry conferences.
Andy Carlyle
Creative Director
With 20 years of expertise in digital design, UI/UX, and branding, Andy is a core part of the Barrel Proof team. Since completing a graphic design program at The Creative Circus, he’s worked on projects for startups Scoutmob and Blue Apron, enterprise-level organizations like Calendly, and even the United Nations. Andy uses this broad experience to ensure that all our projects have a smooth, intuitive look and feel. In his downtime, Andy is an avid retro-style side-scrolling gamer and concertgoer.
Kevin Mooney
Technical Lead
As our Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead, Kevin is skilled in managing remote teams across mobile and web builds. He leverages nearly a decade of full-stack development experience using frameworks and components throughout the JavaScript ecosystem, including React, ReactNative, and NodeJS, as well as various AWS cloud-managed components. Kevin has a unique ability to transform ideas into innovative products, having worked with startups and large-scale enterprises. When he's not in front of the computer, he enjoys whitewater kayaking, hiking, and skiing.
Scott Corley
Senior Dev/Architect
With a Master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Georgia and Kennesaw State University, Scott brings more than 20 years of experience with software development and solutions to the team. He is committed to using the best tools available to solve technical challenges, and he specializes in web and mobile front-end development, middleware, messaging applications, and DevOps solutions. Scott is the team expert on all things Star Wars.
Mark Mooney
Director of Product Management
Mark uses his diverse background and experience to great effect as our Product Owner and QA Lead, where he builds solid working relationships with our clients to help ensure their vision is realized. His degrees, including a Bachelor's in Anthropology and a Master's in Historic Preservation from the University of Georgia, an Associate’s in Brewing Technology from the Siebel Institute, and a Full-Stack Web Development certificate from Georgia Tech, identify him as a highly versatile life-long explorer. He loves whitewater kayaking and cooking creative and detailed meals in his free time.
Ethan Hertz
Software Engineer
Ethan’s Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of North Georgia gives him the deep knowledge base we look for in all our devs. He has proven to be a skilled full-stack developer with expertise in PDF and web app rendering, Node JS, and React JS. He is also experienced in integrating Google location services and creating responsive pixel UIs for mobile and desktop platforms. Ethan enjoys finding creative solutions to projects and practicing his short game at the putt-putt course.
What's next?
We know taking the first step can be tough, but at Barrel Proof, part of what we do is plan. We can help you define your project scope and requirements, model your business processes and user stories, identify the best technical stack for your needs, and establish a roadmap to your MVP and beyond.If you’re ready to move forward and build the application you want, the way you want it, Barrel Proof Apps has the tools, experience, and expertise to bring your vision to life.
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